PocketOption Scam Binary Options Broker does not pay

For the attention of all affiliates that promote binary options brokers. Do not work with PocketOption. PocketOption Scam Binary Options Broker does not pay and changes the conditions of the affiliate plan without announcing and without asking for the consent of the affiliates.

Our company started working with PocketOption scam binary options broker a few years ago when they appeared on the market. Our deal with them was a 50% rev share with no other conditions! That was the affiliate plan with the commission paid to affiliates when we registered as an affiliate with PocketOption!

Meanwhile, PocketOption Scam Binary Options Broker has changed the affiliate plan with the commission paid to affiliates by introducing strange conditions. New fellows are required to accept them and work with these conditions from day one; whoever agrees to these conditions promotes PocketOption, and those who do not agree with these conditions do not enable this broker.

As you can see in the picture below, these abnormal conditions are the following:

– new affiliates to start receiving commission MUST have at least 3 FTDs (first-time depositors) per month.
– they are promised a 50% rev share but will not receive more than $ 1000 commission per client who submitted. For example, suppose a customer has deposited and lost $ 5,000 (regardless of whether he has made $ 5,000 by making one or more deposits over time). In that case, the affiliate receives a maximum of $ 1,000 commission, not $ 2,500 as the 50% rev share. FOR THE AFFILIATE TO RECEIVE 50% REV SHARE WITHOUT ANY MAXIMUM LIMIT, HE MUST SEND A MINIMUM OF 200 FTDs PER MONTH.

PocketOption Scam Broker - Avoid

QUESTION: How many affiliates send at least 200 FTDs monthly? Most affiliates have 1-2 sites (blogs or forums). Only large advertising companies working in high-traffic areas or with extensive databases with email addresses can send this number of FTDs monthly.

As I explained above, we started promoting PocketOption at a time when these stupid conditions did not exist.

Without notifying us and asking for our consent, PocketOption Scam Binary Options Broker changed the affiliation plan with the commission paid, and we found that we no longer collect the commission for our work.

Although we have sent over 10,000 customers who have registered with PocketOption over time, we have been criticized for not having enough FTDs. Our company does not have a sales team. We are just trying to promote a binary options broker, and whoever wants to register with a specific broker registers. It is up to the broker to convince him to deposit.

PocketOption does not have a sales team that calls every customer and tries to convince them to submit. Instead, they only send an email to the client from time to time. For this reason, the conversion rate from the registered client to the depositor client is low.

When we asked the PocketOption Scam Binary Options Broker representative on Skype to put our affiliate account under the initial conditions, i.e., 50% rev share without other stupid requirements, because when we registered the affiliate account, there were no new conditions, the PocketOption representative blocked us. Access to our affiliate account without notifying us, and we were not paid from that moment.

Through this article, we try to warn all affiliates to stay away from PocketOption and not to promote this broker because they will wake up in our situation not to be paid for the work performed.

Clients who want to deposit at PocketOption Scam Binary Options Broker recommend them to avoid this broker because this broker is not reliable, they cheated their partners by changing the rules of the agreement without announcing, without asking for a contract, and without paying the due commission and they will try not to pay their clients in case they will win by resorting to different methods and introducing new stupid conditions in running the bonus, etc.

PocketOption Scam Binary Options Broker does not pay

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